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Enterprise Solutions

In our consulting endeavors, our team boasts a deep comprehension of our clients and the intricacies of their respective businesses. With a track record of successful solution delivery across multiple industry sectors, Team 7 Consulting™ focuses on specialization within these specific domains. This strategy guarantees the harmonious alignment of all aspects within a client’s organization—spanning people, processes, and technology—with their overarching business objectives.

Enterprise Resource Management

Team 7 Consulting stands out as a prominent figure in the ERM market, renowned by its discerning clients. Our distinctive strength lies in the provision of comprehensive lifecycle support for Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) systems, embracing our holistic “Design, Build, and Operate” approach. This encompasses a spectrum of services within the ERM domain, such as selection, package implementation, application management, and application hosting.

Business Intelligence

Team 7 Consulting takes a strategic approach to BI delivery. We view it as a “demand-driven information logistics process,” wherein data sourced from both internal and external systems undergoes extraction, collection, validation, integration, pre-processing, storage, and distribution. The end result is presented in the actual BI applications. Our services encompass the full spectrum of activities, starting from formulating a BI strategy for an enterprise and extending to change management for the final outcome. Additionally, we diligently handle all aspects of daily operational support, ensuring the seamless functioning of your BI ecosystem.

Enterprise Archtitecture

Team 7 Consulting approach offers a comprehensive perspective. Our Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework seamlessly integrates the various facets of business planning, including the overarching vision, strategy, goals, and objectives, with the operational aspects such as organizational structures and business processes. This holistic viewpoint also encompasses the flow of data and information, the architecture of applications (systems), and the underlying technological infrastructure spanning the entire enterprise.

This well-structured technology ecosystem not only supports the applications but also manages the information. Ultimately, it empowers businesses to align with their global strategies effectively, forging a bridge between technology and the realization of their overarching objectives.


Team 7 Consulting boasts a profound understanding of the unique dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry. We recognize the distinctive challenges you encounter, the cutting-edge solutions and technologies that drive your success, and the precise methodologies required to effectively manage your operations. Our comprehensive suite of business consulting and technology solutions seamlessly weaves the virtual pharmaceutical organization throughout the entire value chain, starting from Research and Development, extending through supply chains, and ultimately reaching the patient. This approach ensures that every aspect of your pharmaceutical enterprise is finely tuned for optimal performance and success.

Consumer Products

Team 7 Consulting takes on a pivotal role as a genuine business partner, proficiently delivering processes and cutting-edge technologies that span the entire value chain. This comprehensive approach encompasses not only producers of raw materials and packaging but also logistics providers and retailers, positioning our clients for a distinct competitive advantage. By fostering and realizing collaborative excellence throughout the value chain, businesses can unlock greater potential for product innovation and cultivate deeper consumer relationships.

High-Tech & Electronics

Team 7 Consulting has an established track record of success, marked by the implementation of cutting-edge solutions and profound industry expertise that span the entire value chain. Our areas of specialization include the robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) backbone, the intricacies of Supply Chain Management (SCM), the nuances of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and the intricacies of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clients in the high-tech and electronics sector have the strategic advantage they need to thrive.

Corporate Sustainability

Team 7 Consulting, LLC is unwavering in its commitment to infuse the principles of CS (Corporate Sustainability) into every facet of its business operations. Our primary goal is to drive tangible outcomes, contributing to the realization of sustainable global development within the IT services industry. We believe that a steadfast dedication to sustainability is a cornerstone of our mission and vision.

Providing assurance that all aspects of client organization people, processes, and technology are fully aligned with business strategy.

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