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Better People = Better Projects

Our Clients’ projects are their top priority and we realize that staffing those projects with exceptional talent is critical to the project’s success.  For 10+ years, Team 7 has provided our clients with Platinum level consultants at rate points that save valuable SAP budget dollars.  We utilize our long history of solid relationships with highly skilled SAP Consultants as well as our internal database of over 2500 SAP professionals to provide our clients with the “best of the best” in SAP.


Platinum-level Consultants

Top 5% of SAP Consultants with 8+ years SAP experience and multiple hands-on implementations


Strong Hands-on & Business Experience

Deep configuration experience at the module, sub-module and business process level of US and European companies


10+ years Focus on SAP Talent

Internal database of technically and soft-skill pre-screened SAP professionals to provide quick (within 48 hours) consulting solutions


Better Rates

Competitive rates reflective of each consultant’s skills and abilities providing more value for your valuable budget dollars and a lack of overhead seen by larger firms


Strong Consultant Relationships

Strong Consulting Management Support by our organization that invests heavily in consultant relationships and training