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Fast, Flexible SAP Answers & Solutions - As little as 1 hour Commitment

Whether you are addressing an SAP break/fix issue your internal staff cannot resolve, evaluating/planning the implementation of a new module, developing your long-term SAP strategy or need a little support in niche SAP expertise areas, having access to a Platinum-level SAP Consultant with no contractual time commitments can make all the difference in your success and your budget.  Getting this type of assistance can be an arduous task because most consulting firms cannot or will not provide these short-term services given the lack of revenue potential or you may be unable to get a timely response.  Team 7 Consulting provides spot consulting services to its clients that want a relationship with an SAP Partner and need access to SAP Subject Matter Experts.


SAP Break / Fix Support
Experiencing SAP system or functionality issues your internal staff cannot correct but don’t need a full-time consultant for a lengthy duration to solve these issues?  Many SAP customers struggle with how to address these issues while avoiding high consulting service fees.  Team 7 provides our clients with SAP Subject Matter Experts on a short-term, as-needed basis to resolve SAP issues quickly and effectively saving you valuable time and consulting dollars.

QA & Risk Mitigation on Projects

Reducing the risks of your SAP projects or validating the approach/timeline for a project can significantly improve the success of your projects.  Having an experienced SAP Subject Matter Expert on hand and as needed, enables our customers to ensure their projects are on track, the approach is solid, and the timelines are achievable without hiring or dedicating a full-time resource for quality assurance purposes.


Project Assesments & Scoping

Evaluating new SAP functionality, preparedness for an upgrade, technology strategy direction or project scoping can require external help to assist you in making informed decisions.  These efforts can be costly and time-consuming, but Team 7 offers these services ad-hoc without requiring a project commitment from our customers.


ROI Documentation

Determining ROI to justify your business initiatives is a lengthy, laborious process but even more critical in today’s marketplace.  With every company tightening their belts and seeking opportunities to reduce costs, building a strong business case for an SAP project can be a daunting task. Team 7 provides senior-level SAP Experts with many years of ROI project experience who cannot only perform the ROI analysis including project risk assessment, but can help you build justification for those projects that meet your ROI criteria.


SAP Best Practices

Adhering to best practices within SAP can be critical to the success or failure of your project.  Customers are not always aware of the best practices for a particular functionality or for SAP strategy as a whole. Partnering with Team 7’s experienced, knowledgeable staff can ensure your organization follows these processes and practices to lower your total cost of ownership and reduce your SAP maintenance costs.


On-Demand Spot Consulting

Our team of talented industry knowledgeable professional are waiting to take your problems head on and get you back to your core business.