Team 7 Consulting



Enhancing the Value of SAP

Identifying opportunities to improve our Customers’ SAP system value and integrity through effective integration, dependable data migration and expanded functionality, remains a Team 7 top priority.  With a strong, referenceable customer base throughout the United States, SAP Clients turn to Team 7 to meet these needs with proven, effective solutions.


Seamless System Integration

Integrating a non-SAP system with SAP requires a detailed understanding of system architecture requirements as well as SAP technical know-how.  Team 7’s strength in SAP’s versatile development environment, technical architecture, Portals, and Netweaver technologies helps customers flawlessly integrate disparate systems into SAP allowing for better data visibility, consistent information delivery throughout the organization, and a flexible platform for future system development and growth.


Reliable Data Migration

Experience migrating data while maintaining its integrity and providing thorough documentation to meet regulatory compliance requirements necessitates an understanding and familiarity adhering to these requirements.  Team 7’s previous system conversions and data migrations for customers in regulated industries provide SAP customers a consulting option with lower risk, vast experience and dependable results.


Proven Project Remedies

Disappointment with the solution another consulting firm or an internal project team delivered has become more common as SAP’s solutions evolve and expertise becomes harder to find.  Many SAP Customers engage Team 7 after an implementation to correct errors made during the project lifecycle or enhance the delivered solution to add more business value to the organization.  We help increase your return on investment and meet the business objectives you planned to achieve during your blueprint phase.


Increased Value

SAP Customers routinely implement standard module functionality with the intent of expanding it at some later date.  Team 7 has over 10 years experience identifying and implementing functionality enhancements adding value to your SAP investment.  With our ability to recognize “quick-wins” inside your system, our Customers realize significant ROI and productivity gains at very little cost increasing the total value of their SAP system.


Integration & Tuning

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often…”

Mark Twain